About Me

About Me

According to others, I'm friendly, approachable, down-to-earth and relaxed, and during a shoot I try and make you feel this way as well.

While photographing events I greet your guests with a soft friendly approach and an understanding that they're part of the occasion to enjoy themselves and not get hassled by photographers. The line between getting a great variety of photos and not bothering people is something I work hard at balancing appropriately. I also work very hard at getting the widest variety of shots possible in the limited time available. This is particularly relevant to weddings and events where not everything is in the photographer's control. Regardless of the brief and any specific requirements, I always attempt to cover an occasion fully enough to give a comprehensive impression of the day.

I don't believe in doing things just because they've been done before or because other people do them. I like seeing and experiencing things that are a little different and that stand out from the crowd. Confronting, funny, shocking, absurd, mysterious, quirky. Conversely, however, I do have a natural tendency to want to please people. This in itself is an interesting balancing act for me as I interpret your ideas into something that attracts me. I'm always willing to shoot a specific idea that I may not naturally gravitate to, simply because I want to deliver something that pleases you... but not before offering my own interpretation!

Ultimately though, I really pride myself on my work and my reputation, and I genuinely want to deliver you the best shots I can.

A Bit of History

I'd always loved taking photos since I was a kid, but it wasn't until I bought my first SLR in 1996 that I became really passionate about it. Figuring out all the knobs and dials was part of the fun of the picture taking process. I'm part analytical, part creative, so most of what I learned came from just playing with the camera and experimenting with the settings. I then just devoured information and read as much as I could.

Cityscapes, landscapes and storms were my main passions then, but I'm now loving the process of photographing people, with all the charms and challenges this presents. People don't stay quite as still as landscapes, but they do offer up unexpected surprises that, more often than not, result in something positive!

I worked creatively in professional audio production for many years and my photography was always a passion on the sidelines. It's now in the main arena and I'm loving it.

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