Aug 2009

My wife Michelle was desperate for a short break and Carnarvon Gorge was a long-desired destination.

A hidden gem it seems, as the few people that actually venture in come out raving about the place.

Carnarvon Gorge is between Roma and Emerald and is about 650 kms from Brisbane so we chose to take our time getting there and back stopping halfway there in Eidsvold, and halfway back in what turned out to be Toowoomba after failing to find accommodation in Dalby.

We did the main 20 km return walk to the end of the gorge stopping off at just a couple of the side walks that take you into the more spectacular areas that Carnarvon is reknowned for. We had a few nights here so we chose to head out again for more walking the following day to what turned out to be my favourite spot up the Mickey Creek track.

Day 1 and a special rural service in Eidsvold Michelle re-enacts Ned Kelly′s last stand at our cute motel in Eidsvold Eidsvold sunset
One of my favourite pics from the whole trip After racing parallel to the train track, we found a side-road for a photo, but the train took another track. Historical monument just inside Carnarvon Gorge National Park
Day 2 on the road to Carnarvon Gorge On the road to Carnarvon Gorge Jupiter trailblazes with the stars
Camping under the stars Day 3 and our long walk of the gorge starts with a wallaby and it′s joey... or is it a roo? Rosy cheeks betray the hot sun
Walking stones There are 22 river crossings along the length of the main walk
When colour is crap, convert to greyscale I call it “The Big Cliff”
I call this one “The Other Big Cliff” The Big Bend Detail at “The Big Bend”
The “Big Bend” was our reward at the end of our 10 km halfway point. Now we just have to walk back. Part of The Big Bend Thoroughly enveloped in wonder and awe at The Big Bend
The Big Bend The Big Bend The start of the Burnett bush fires that hit the news shortly after. We hoped our 10 km walk back would be safe.
Cathedral Cove Centuries old rock paintings at Cathedral Cove Cathedral Cove
Magic light off the cliffs Ward′s Canyon Like a scene from an fantasy adventure game
Ward′s Canyon Ward′s Canyon Rare King Ferns at Ward′s Canyon
The marvelous filtering of natural light into Ward′s Canyon Day 4 begins with an arty reflection shot The Mickey Creek walk was my favourite. The next bunch of photos are from this walk.
A sticky situation Now, make like a tree and leaf! Reminds me of the movie Ten Canoes
There are worse places you could be Still on the Mickey Creek track I felt like we were in Cambodia
It felt like Cambodia How ′bout a root? Where the path of The One ends
Another rock pool A photographer′s paradise... actually, anyone′s paradise Colours of Carnarvon
Reminds me of a McCubbin painting A lovely stop for lunch and we had the place to ourselves It felt so untouched
How′s the serenity? Gorge-ous Only by looking back can one see how to look forward... or something.
Getting close to Mordor. Actually, the Lord of the Rings references came up regularly during our walks. There were no bird sounds here Getting rocky
Our reward for continuing (legally, I might add) past the end of the marked track Ancient rock paintings at Baloon Cave Look up and live
Commencing our return on day 5 and smoke continues to billow out of the Carnarvon Gorge National Park A stop at the Romavilla Winery in Roma Michelle wanted a windmill and Michelle got a windmill
The best time of the day Sunset near Dalby Breakfast in Toowoomba on day 6
The moon sets between Dalby and Toowoomba Star trails between Dalby and Toowoomba The Milky Way galaxy over a setting moon