Tue 21 Dec 2010

Thanks to friend Rhys for suggesting we meet up to watch this from Cleveland on the water in Brisbane.

From here the eclipse was already in totality when the moon rose at 6:50pm. Unfortunately, the event was marred slightly by clouds on the horizon, allowing the near-totality eclipse to peek through around 15-20 mins after moonrise. The moon was then hidden again from view by more cloud, when it reappeared properly around 20-30 mins later.


A gorgeous sunset made up for the late arrival of the eclipse.


The near-totality eclipse peeks through the cloud momentarily before hiding a while longer:


So we continued to occupy ourselves with the beautiful sunset.


Eventually, the moon came out to play.



The hindering cloud is clearly visible:


The surrounding cloud did produce a pretty cool halo effect on the moonlight, but eventually our moon emerged fully.


Here's a timelapse video showing the Earth's shadow sliding off the moon's disc over a period of about 26 mins: