I was a bit bored today, so I thought I'd give water droplet photography a crack.

After so many years of shooting, I'm surprised it's taken me so long. I guess I've felt that others have done it brilliantly, so I couldn't contribute much. One guy I've seen online has some incredible equipment complete with timing electronics and plumbing gear that shoots a drop of water, then fires the camera and flash at a pre-determined time.

I used some standard kitchen equipment like round and square glassware, set the camera on a tripod, used a measuring teaspoon held high above, and some luck. Oh and some off-camera flashes of course. There's a very good tute here if you're keen.

Catching the really cool formations like the one above is harder than it looks, especially firing the camera manually. I'm not ashamed to say I shot over 200 photos over a couple of hours of experimenting. I played with different bowls, lighting setups, and food colouring. One of the setup shots is below.

Maybe I should go get a life instead.


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