Severe Weather 2009 / 2010 Season

After a few relaxing days at Cherribah Resort near Warwick, SE Qld received a number of storm cells as we drove home to Brisbane.

Radar at 11:48am

Clouds building in Warwick just before midday:

Just out of Warwick and a rain shaft is visible to the E:

An hour or so later and the single cell above becomes a line of cloud as it crosses NE over part of the ranges:

At Boonah as the sky darkens:

Radar at 1:54pm

Finally the line of cloud to the SW starts to get a bit organised with a nice little gust front forming:

We continued to chase it north but the shelf cloud seems to weaken:

Rain activity continued as the line veered north and combined with some activity just north of Toowoomba to produce a huge area of rain over the north of Brisbane.