Severe Weather 2011 / 2012 SeasonUSA Chase May 2011

Distance driven today: 833kms | Total so far: 3442kms

The big hope we had for today faded with a check of this morning's forecast. Fortunately, things picked back up again later in the day.

First though... some local Texan characters:


Some weak activity was firing NE so off we went.




Some half decent activity finally started S of us. Most of these storms move roughly NE, which meant this one (two distinct cells actually) would be approaching us, which is always easier than chasing from behind. A short hike later after the sun had set and our first lightning finally became visible. We stopped near a little town called Tishomingo, which is about 150kms S of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


It was almost midnight when the storm weakened so we checked into one of two suitably tiny inns in Tishamingo and hit the hay.