Severe Weather 2011 / 2012 SeasonUSA Chase May 2011

Distance driven today: 286kms | Total so far: 9690kms

Absolutely frigging typical. On the one day we choose to have a few drinks to celebrate Drew's departure tomorrow, classic textbook photogenic anvils spring close enough to know what's going on, but not be able to drive after.

Because he was leaving, Drew got to choose where to go. He chose the bar. He was flying out from Oklahoma City, so we drove the less-than-300kms from Wichita, Kansas straight there. The dingy but charming bar at our motel was the first port of call:


Several rounds were enjoyed of pool and darts with a snazzy electronic dartboard. Even the live band didn't suck. Outside, however, and the storms had cunningly waited until we'd drunk too much to be able to drive, then sprung alive! Here's the view from our motel.


One of the best anvils I've ever seen. While this was happening, the telly had rolling coverage of multiple tornado warnings and sightings, as they continually crossed to a couple of chasers on the road.

We had to try our darnedest to completely ignore all this as we caught a cab into town for a big night. Not entirely unrelated to storms, it was actually very cool to be in a bar which was broadcasting an evidently huge basketball game between the Dallas Mavericks and local side, the aptly named Oklahoma City Thunder.