Severe Weather 2011 / 2012 Season

Great day today with two lines of storms moving through SE Qld.

Radar at 2pm

I headed for the one at Harrisville, stopping just east of there at Warrill View.


I was ready to stay ahead of it as it developed but it pretty much died. I then decided I could make it in front of the cell to the north near Wivenhoe Dam, even though the chase territory is terrible around there.

Radar at 3:18pm

Well I made it in time, but the cell wasn't very impressive, despite virtually continuous rumbles of thunder.


I tried to stay ahead of it to see if it would develop as it reached the coast, but it died near Highvale. One more shot of Mt Glorious before heading home:


On my way and a new line of storms was on its way!

Radar at 5:42pm

The best stuff was heading over the border ranges through Killarney so I aimed for the area SW of Boonah. I saw a nice shelf cloud as it crossed the range, but I couldn't find a decent place to stop. I kept edging closer to it finding a view near Maroon Dam on sunset.


Lightning was now visible around the S end of the line, so I kept going, stopping closer to Rathdowney for an awesome sunset.



Then it was time for the light show.


I was close to the line and the rain kept pushing me on to Rathdowney...


Then north to Beaudesert. Lightning was mainly inside the storm so I adjusted the camera to get some cloud structure lit by sheet lightning.


I was pretty amazed by the next shot which is the decaying storm swinging by south of Beaudesert letting out a final bit of lightning in front of the light of a rising moon below and stars above:


Another storm had picked up closer to the Warrego Hwy east of Toowoomba, but by the time my local storm had died, there wasn't much life left in the northern storm either, despite producing some rain and lightning as it tracked over Brisbane.

Full Brisbane radar loop 11am-12:30am

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