Severe Weather 2012 / 2013 Season

A southerly change after a warm day promised to deliver some storm activity in SE Qld. The Bureau went for it in their forecasts until later in the arvo when the possibility of storms was removed for all areas except the Sunshine Coast. Some updrafts took off near the Gold Coast so that's where I went, stopping firstly at Stapylton for a view of the setting sun through the smoke haze.


I then pulled up at Helensvale as the sun lay its last rays over the apparently weak cell near Miami.


The chug down the Gold Coast Hwy towards Southport was slow, as travelling always is when you're in a hurry. But thankfully the cell continued to show some promise. It was around this time that it started to spark.


There was still some life left in the little fella as it produced lightning for the next hour or two as it headed sea-wards.


The BoM weren't completely off regarding the Sunshine Coast as a cell did fire up off Maroochydore around 9pm but it was well out to sea.

Full Brisbane 128km radar loop 4-9:30pm

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