Severe Weather 2012 / 2013 Season

Day 2 of Brisbane's weekend of storms. The trough was much closer to coast today so it seemed anything over Brisbane might head offshore quickly. To the north though, the trough veered inland, making chances better for stuff to turn severe.

I went to bed last night with thunder still rumbling from what started as an incredible supercell on the Darling Downs and had turned into widespread rain over SE Qld. I went to bed to the sound of thunder and woke to it again this morning! It's wasn't the same storm, but there wasn't much time between that and this early activity.


This stuff was pretty weak but there was still plenty of hope for the rest of the day.

Unfortunately, spending so much time working on yesterday's photos, I left things too late to head out for round 2 which tracked over the north of brisbane from around 1pm, producing some very interesting radar echoes around Sommerset Dam, including a black hook and some obvious rotation from the doppler winds.

I stopped a few times having driven through some heavy rain in an attempt to get ahead of it, but gave up around Beerwah. I had to be content with some structure of the rear of the storm.


A new small cell had popped up just to my SW.


It produced some lovely rumbles and even a couple of nice cracks of thunder but never really took off.

The Sunshine Coast storms were anvilling nicely so I thought I'd give them another crack and took off N towards Gympie. Stupid move. I couldn't quite catch it and it weakened when I got close.

New activity was developing over the border ranges S of Boonah, but considering the position of the trough, I didn't think they'd last, which influenced my decision to continue N. I was wrong. It showed some amazing structure and produced an intense black core over Archefield. After making it almost all the way to Gympie, I high-tailed it back in the hope to get a view of it somewhere.


Wildhorse Mountain wasn't too far away, which would give me enough time to make the 15 minute trudge up there on foot.


The Caloundra cell was still lightning active and easily visible from the excellent spot.


Better still, the storm heading over Brisbane was visible and displaying a beautiful long shelf cloud with regular bolts of lightning.


It was getting dark making it difficult to see the structure, but easier to shoot the lightning.


One incredible flang must've struck either the shelter we were under or a nearby tree. It had the short sharp sound of a Christmas cracker, but obviously insanely loud. Such a pity it didn't land in the frame:


Once the cell passed, we got a better view of the structure plus a few crawlers.


This thing was firing lightning for ages, most of which were obscured by rain. I eventually left at 8:45pm as it continued to fire.

Here's some timelapse:

Full Brisbane 128km radar loop 2am-10pm

Full Brisbane 256km radar loop 2am-10pm

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