Severe Weather 2012 / 2013 Season

With big chances for storms tomorrow, I wondered about whether to chase today. With little low level moisture and low shear, chances weren't great.

I considered trying my luck in Kyogle where conditions were better and am really sorry I didn't. A lovely black core complete with what appeared to be a V-notch graced the radar from a storm just N of there. Anyway, during the arvo some lovely great anvils popped up much closer to home than expected, so I finally decided to take off for them.


I saw lovely positive stroke on the way but by the time I reached the Darlington cell N of Kyogle it had completely vaporised save for a few nice rumbles of thunder.


I stuck around for a bit when another anvil seemed to pop up out of nowhere W towards Boonah.


Again, I bolted for it, but again the dryness killed it as I approached. The radar seemed to indicate much more rain than what was visible in the sky, probably due to some of the rain evaporating before reaching the ground due to the lower level dryness.

Again, I hung around for a few rumbles as the storm remnants set the sky up for a great sunset. So I decided to wait it out here and enjoy the show.


A couple of local guys I met here said they experienced pea-sized hail near Moogerah earlier on just SW of Boonah.


I finally called it a night stopping one more time near Peak Crossing.


Brisbane 128km radar loop 2pm-12am

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