Severe Weather 2012 / 2013 Season

A line of storms drifted very slowly from the Darling Downs. I was hoping to get to them earlier but the rain hit me just before I reached Toowoomba.

I would normally scoot back E to stay in front of the storms but decided to try for some lightning landing on the range from Picnic Pt lookout.

What followed was an incredible lightning barrage with some of the most insane cracks of lightning I've heard. Several bolts hit at close range but with so much rain, it was difficult to capture them. My camera copped a soaking.


Eventually, the lightning did what I'd hoped... started landing in the valley below to the east over the Toowoomba range.


Having scored some lightning and with lots of rain still falling, I decided to scoot back E. I'd been here for over an hour and on any other day, it would be virtually impossible to get back in front of the storms. But this system was moving so slowly it was almost stationary. I took off and stopped near Laidley as the lightning show continued.


I relocated W to Ropeley East (just S of Gatton) wanting to get closer, but I hit rain. So I returned to my original spot just N of Laidley.


After the final bolts in the above shot, I waited a bit longer and finally left around 1am.

Brisbane 256km radar loop 2pm-2am

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