Severe Weather 2012 / 2013 Season

It seems surprising to me in hindsight that an ex-tropical cyclone that was born in the Gulf of Carpentaria without much chance to become severe (on the scale of cyclones) should bring such devastating winds and flooding as far S as NSW.

After the system produced strong winds and even tornadoes to areas around Bundaberg, today saw this intense area of low pressure track through SE Qld including Brisbane.

I'm not normally one for cyclones but I was keen to be out if this thing was to produce more tornadoes. A futile aim in the end as visibility was so low it would've been virtually impossible to see any unless they were within 500m.

After producing a sixth (suspected) tornado in Mooloolaba early this morning, I decided on Scarborough with its decent 360° views.

It didn't take long to find foliage over the road.


It was extremely windy when I emerged from the car at Redcliffe. The photos really don't do the wind any justice.


The winds at Scarborough were the strongest I've ever felt. I didn't have any measuring equipment but the strongest sustained winds in Redcliffe while I was there was 70kmh (89kmh gust). The strongest at Cape Moreton was 106kmh, with a strongest gust of 126kmh.


Council was assessing the beach earlier in the day and when I returned to this spot at Redcliffe at 6:30pm, sandbags were in place to protect the beach and walkway from further erosion.


I finally headed home around 6:45pm.

24hr Brisbane 256km radar loop

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