Severe Weather 2012 / 2013 Season

Finally a storm after so long!

Despite ENSO, our season has been a shocker for storm lovers. Today's storms brought at least 90 kmh winds, trees through houses, large branches over roads, critical injuries, and a loss of power to around 50,000 homes and businesses. Apparently, the worst hit area was Logan and I saw many branches over roads on my way home to Springwood.

I started the afternoon just N of Boonah with a lightning active cell approaching from the SW.


There was a larger system following it, so I let the rain pass by as it glittered in the sunlight.


I continued S a bit and met the new cell just N of Boonah.


I moved N to stay ahead of it until I reached Ipswich where I knew I didn't have much chance of leading it through Brisbane traffic. It hit me just S of Ipswich where the lightning seemed to amp up as it got dark.


I was surprised by the number of large branches down on my way home to Springwood. I considered continuing the chase to watch the cell head out to sea from Manly, but with a very early start tomorrow I settled for the view from Springwood.


Later at home a visitor managed to find its way inside. I wasn't sure if it was a brown frog or a toad, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and put him outside. He was so tiny he would've fit on a 5-cent piece!


Video of the chase:

128km radar loop 10am-2am

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