Severe Weather 2013 / 2014 Season

Atmospheric instability hugged the coast today so it always seemed that activity would be confined to the E of the Lockyer Valley. A few discrete cells fired around Brisbane making it difficult to get to them all, when a very photogenic mothership-style LP supercell arrived right on our doorstep in Logan:


It was strange to have this thing on my tail to the W and yet have the sun shining brightly. Precip was being carried way up the slanted corkscrew updraft and flung out of the rear of the storm to its NE. Pea-sized hail was received in Woodridge.


I really wanted to stay in front of this cell but it was moving quickly I pretty much drove underneath the updraft, stopping at Jacob's Well Rd.


The storm was quite picturesque as it died to the E:


As this storm disintegrated, another to the N was heading E out to sea from Moreton Is but showing no signs of weakening:


I sat around waiting for this new storm to die but it was doing nothing of the sort, showing a very healthy updraft:


I kept looking at the sun, willing it to set quickly in the hope that this storm would remain lightning active after dark. The light of dusk was beautiful but the swarming mozzies, beetles, and flying ants were not:


The light eventually faded to a point where I could set the camera to continuous shooting to capture some lightning:


Meanwhile another small cluster of cells 200 kms off the Gold Coast were becoming extremely lightning active, flashing away continuously. I would've loved to have been closer considering some of the bolts that were coming out of it:


Ground (sea) bolts were becoming less visible on the first storm off Moreton Is so I zoomed in to the top of the cell for some amazing "volcano" type cloud textures lit internally by lightning. The red colour, a product of distance, added to the illusion:


As awesome is this display was, it eventually got a bit same same, so I thought I should get home and reintroduce myself to me wife, considering my absence over the last week. But not before a quick celestial shot above the storms:


128km radar loop 12pm-12am

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