Severe Weather 2013 / 2014 Season

With activity likely in the Lockyer Valley I only got to Purga before spotting a lightning active cell to the W in the late arvo:


Storms seemed to be tracking more northerly so after meeting up with Drew quite accidentally we headed NW stopping at Hatton Vale for a brilliant lightning display:


This storm to our SW was developing very nicely:


Dusk then added some stunning colours to the display:


With the rain free base (RFB) above us, it was time to move on so we headed NE a little stopping again at Prenzlau (near Hatton Vale):


We only managed a couple of minutes before the rain started so we pushed off NE again, stopping near Glamorgan Vale:


As the storm slid N by us the lightning crawlers came out:


It started raining again so we moved to our final spot just S of Fernvale:


The storm pretty much disintegrated in front of us. I was a bit surprised that virtually no activity reached Brisbane despite our close proximity, but it's always nice to get a great lightning display without having to drive far.

Speaking of driving, below is the track I took:

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Radar loop 3pm-12am

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