Severe Weather 2013 / 2014 Season

Lower to mid-level instability brought an attractive squall line through SE Qld and Brisbane today.

I headed out early despite these squall lines often producing spectacular shelf clouds closer to the coast later in the day. I'm keen to watch the storm change and develop as it moves so I'm there at its peak.

Light rain was already just W of the ranges around 1pm so I hung back at Tarome (near Aratula) to watch it traverse the mountains.


I then headed back E slightly to a spot near Aratula.


I headed S of Beaudesert to meet the S end of the line where I found a pancake stack causing the storm to almost resemble an LP supercell.


I continued on to the Mundoolun Connection Rd near Wonglepong (officially the best town name ever).


I continued to stick by this thing, hoping it would improve. This is back near Beaudesert:


And on to Yatala:


As I hit the M1, and the line got closer to the coast, it started to solidify with a few flashes as the sky darkened. Here it is as I was powering N of Yatala:


Now the long dark of Moria as I sacrificed views driving through suburbia to hopefully make it to the water before it did. I stopped at Mt Cotton for a quick look:


As I got to Victoria Pt light rain had already started as the thunder and lightning had completely dropped off, killing any hopes for a light show.


128km radar loop 12pm-10pm

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