Severe Weather 2014 / 2015 Season

A very exciting chase today as I managed to get close to it during its most severe stage. Better wind shear than normal (finally), heaps of moisture and plenty of instability raised expectations.

Storms fired early with activity appearing on the 128km radar by 11:30am. Starting in Mundoolun I ducked around to Boonah, then Kalbar and Radford (just S of Warrill View) as things started to get interesting.

My first view showed things to be developing nicely, as two nearby cells appeared to be veering towards each other.


If I stayed put these two storms would collide above me. As the rain started I ducked E (from just S of Warrill View).


The colour was pretty spectacular as the storm nipped at my heels.


I had a nervous moment as I continued E to try and stay ahead of it. There are no easterly options beyond Ipswich-Boonah Rd, so I chose to head S then E towards Beaudesert. Trouble was, my only southerly option was a dirt road, and with rain getting heavier I had to abandon that plan and head N instead.


When I got ahead of it again a very nice guster was forming.


My next planned stop was Archerfield Airport but with rain falling as I took the freeway exit, I had a rethink and jumped straight back on the motorway. I considered a coastal suburb like Victoria Point or Wynnum as these shelf clouds tend to grow even more spectacular as they approach the ocean but I ultimately chose the city instead:


When the rain arrived I retreated to the car and shot some video in the hope of nabbing some lightning. The following bolt landed about 300m away from Bowen Tce:


When things died down I started the long journey home in peak hour traffic, stopping for a bite to eat on Ipswich Rd around Annerley when the following bolt dropped about 100m away:


Moorooka was still showing scars from the hail storm of Thu 27th Nov 2014:


A second line of storms was now on its way from the SW which looked quite photogenic from a distance but as I approached N of Boonah it started turning into widespread rain. It was still lightning active as I arrived home in Mundoolun so I took a few more shots:


Chase track:

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128km radar loop 11am-12am

Doppler wind loop 11am-12am

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