Severe Weather 2015 / 2016 Season

A lingering cold pool and surface trough continued to produce storms today for SE Qld as a classic summer-style guster passed over Brisbane.

Even before daybreak at around 2:30am my wife helpfully nudged me out of bed after noticing lightning flickering the E. Here's a timelapse of the light show the occurred off the coast of SE Qld as Brisbane slept (seen from Mundoolun):

With a photo shoot on the Gold Coast this arvo my movements were limited. At 2:30pm when that beautiful line started forming and tracking E across SE Qld, I had to head out from Mundoolun towards Broadbeach - just as Jimboomba started getting pelted with CGs (cloud-to-ground lightning)!

Even as I drove SE away from the line, the southern end started to produce a chunky crisp updraft:


As I neared Broadbeach a new cell was dumping heavy rain and lightning further to the S:


Before my gig I ran down onto the beach for a better view. Here's the view N of the beast that had gone through Brisbane and was heading into Moreton Bay:


Meanwhile to my S, the isolated cell over Robina had spread out into a east/west line and sat stationery for a while as it dropped lightning:


It was time to get to work so I did what I had to do and emerged a couple of hours later. I figured all the storm action was done and dusted but of course checked the radar anyway. A tiny bit of orange had appeared off-shore to the SE so I wandered out onto the beach again. As I walked I saw a flash. The weak storm let out about three more lightning strikes, which included the following impressive bolt:


Interactive chase track: Enlarge map

128km radar loop 11am-10pm

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