Severe Weather 2015 / 2016 Season


On this day (Monday afternoon) I spoke with Emma Griffiths on 612 ABC Brisbane about storm chasing and Sunday's damaging storms through Warwick and Brisbane.

Hear it here:

More radio interviews here.

I wasn't going to chase today but a storm near Harrisville was close enough to prise me out of the house.

When I got to Roadvale some rotation was evident but not long lasting. The cell had already produced hail near Mulgowie.


The updraft would regenerate then weaken again:


A mid-level funnel appeared briefly on a cloud to its SW:


Dan from Aussie Storm Chasers showed up but there wasn't much left to see:


Some new updrafts were forming to the SW:


But the most intense action was provided by the bugs flying and crawling everywhere:


I met my friend Chrissy at a spot just to the S where we hoped these updrafts would be powerful enough to throw a few bolts out on dusk. They weren't. But they did produce a nice sunset:


Distance: 120kms | Dur: 3.5hrs

Interactive chase track: Enlarge map

128km radar loop 12-7pm

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